I have been a musician since my early days of childhood and I have been working as a professional in the music business for over 15 years. I am a composer, music producer and entrepreneur. All of my skills have been achieved in an autodidact manner.

Being a composer I have written the music for commercials, games and even to parts of movies. My biggest influences have been film composer John Barry and game composer Michael Land. The lyrical approach to memorable musical quotes have been my biggest fascination ever. This way, I think in stories, moments and energy flow rather than in genres.

My work as a music producer is being reflected by numerous collaboration with international artists such as Alle Farben, Karmafauna, Kalif and more. From being the writer and composer to producer and sound designer, there have been many different tasks in various collaborations over the years.

In the past I have been working as a Sound Designer for the music software company Native Instruments from 2011 – 2014 in Berlin. The recordings and the production of sounds for various products have been my main responsibility. It brought me too many studios around the globe, including the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

As an entrepreneur I am the co-founder of a Berlin based startup. We are developing the voice and music messenger Klangchat. It’s an app to record voice messages and underline them with music and vocal FX. With this project I want to build on my strength as a musician combined with my will to create and invent something new.

I was involved in 3 art festivals in Berlin: The Dark Rooms (2016) – My first sound installation using sex toys (tuned vibrators) as a musical instrument; LOST (2017) – My second sound installation plus being the booker for 2 clubs within the exhibition; Unseen Westeros (2019) – Composition for the soundtrack of a Game of Thrones exhibition.

Besides composition and musical collaborations, I currently produce electronic music (mostly Techno) under the alias axlplus. There have been some interesting live gigs of mine over the years such as Fusion Festival, Midburn Festival (Burning Man Israel), KitKat Club, Sisyphos and more. There are 3 releases out there and a forth one on the way.