Music Production Workshops

What do I offer?
Next to my work as a composer and music producer, I offer high class workshops for music production. If you want to learn how to create a track from scratch or how to take your tracks to the next level, I can guide you through the production process and/or offer help and in-depth insights in specific music production topics. The main focus is the computer based production of music in genres wich do not require “real” instruments and a recording studio. You will benefit from my 18+ years of experience in the industry.

How much time do we need?
One session should last 3-4 hours. For gaining basic knowledge, I would recommend at least 5-10 sessions.

What do I need and what skills should I have?
You should have a working setup for music production. Ideally a laptop with some software wich is already running.
The workshops are suitable for beginners who want to start making good music right away and semi-professionals who want to improve their sound in certain ways.

What does a workshop include?
Here are some of the main topics wich can be part of the workshop, dependent on your needs and goals:
– Overview and setup of your music production environment.
– How to use your DAW (preferably Ableton Live)
– In-depth insight of common digital musical instrument such as synthesizers and samplers.
– How to use loops and samples.
– Digital sound effects for creative usage and sound shaping.
– Mixing and mastering. How to place music and sound in the mix and room.
– How to achieve groove and punch.
– Arrangement and layout of your song.
– Basic song writing ideas for rhythm, melody and harmony.
– Thoughts on the “meta-level“ about inspiration, cultural education and creativity.

Who am I?
For the past 18 years I have been working as a composer and producer of music for film and media. Many movies, commercials and games have been enriched by my music. Being a music producer and live-act, I release music as Polly Powder and Toneaffair and look back to collaborations with various artists like “Alle Farben”, “Karmafauna”, “Kalif” and “Band Deutscher Mädels”. For many years I have been working as a sound designer for Native Instruments, for projects that brought me around the globe from the famous Abbey Road Studios, London to Nashville, Tennessee.

How to proceed?
Courses are available in English and German.
Please get in touch: mail*julianlaping*com